A Talk with Erika White

Tell us who you are.

I am a fitness professional who also “moonlights” as a mom, wife, favorite auntie, sister, daughter, community advocate, freelance writer, & local television personality. I love being active both in AND out the gym, from church to community. I enjoy people and love helping to enrich and improve the lives of others; from those I know personally, to those I’ve just met. Some live life in the box, some live outside the box, I live life without a box!

I am an outside plant engineer by trade which surprises people, everyone thinks I do fitness full-time. My passion and purpose is definitely health and wellness. My professional passion actually chose me! I was a 240 pound mother of two who just wanted to be a healthier example to my children. My weight struggles began with having children and I just got comfortable and gave in to being overweight and unhealthy. Once I had the courage to get started, I never stopped. It put a desire in me where I wanted to learn and do more to help others who were battling depression, low self-esteem, and self-hate like I was. I know what ground zero feels like and I want to change that for others so they can live in their purpose. I’ve never forgotten those feelings and know that the struggle always continues.

What or who inspires your style?

My style is definitely a yoga pant diva! I love comfort clothing! Comfort clothing defined is a style that is not restrictive and is always stylish, fun, and versatile.

How do you express yourself creatively?

My 1st love, even over fitness, is writing. I won the Outstanding Writing Award for my senior class. My love of reading definitely influenced my love of writing. Bringing words to life and exploring imagination is a limitless space where there are no rules or lines, just what you can imagine or create. That has creative expression has helped me tremendously in being a fitness professional. I “see” things as an expression of me rather than a boundary of self.

What gives you a sense of pride?

Outside of my family, it is when I see others enjoying my workout routines; and, when people share how something I wrote or said made a difference in their life. That is honestly what inspires me to keep pushing forward.

Describe your favorite personal product?

Hmmmm…I have to have my witch hazel toner. I love Bare Mineral makeup as it makes my skin look youthful and natural. I cannot live without mascara and lip gloss. My favorite health product is coffee! LOL Seriously…the grounds tighten your skin, make the best low calorie drink, and can be added to anything for a light, fun taste.

What is your favorite accessory?

I love simple necklaces. Nothing dramatic, but soft and timeless. I do not like to change my jewelry, so I like accessories that I can wear to the gym, to the store, to work, or a business meeting, or an evening out without worrying about changing. I love thin chains with a small charm that represent either my faith (a cross), my journey (a butterfly), or my world (a heart). You can look at any of my pictures or when you see me and I will always have a simple necklace on.

Personal Philosophy

Runs with life! No box needed! Faith + Family + Friends + Fitness = Simply E

Thank you, Erika!

Thank you!


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