Derick Gant is a self mastery coach that has always been extremely driven to be the best he can be, bringing his “A Game” every day. With that, he is extremely passionate about passing on knowledge and experience, teaching and helping others live their personal best. His Gift has always been the ability to recognize and clearly see how others can monetize their gifts and live the life of their dreams. As an expert mastery coach, he regularly takes complicated concepts and delivers them in terms anyone can understand and benefit. He is most knowledgeable about three things, being an Alpha Male, Fitness, and Finance. Since his younger days, money matters have always intrigued him the most.

So, Mr. Gant, what are you inspired by?

I am most inspired by a combination of the 1950’s classic style and civil honesty and todays modern technology and speed. In the 50’s a person’s word was their bond and a handshake was a solid contract. Society wasn’t so litigious and dishonest. What I love most about modern society is the immediate access to information and solutions small and large. Conducting business is smooth and almost seamless transaction wise.

How do you express yourself creatively?

My mode of expression is best described as historic authentic. I naturally exude the traditional gentleman style of dress and communication. In today’s world it is rare for a man to open a car door for a lady or stand upon their entrance or departure. Communicating in a non-slang and respectful way using clear and concise verbiage is my way.

What gives you a sense of pride?

I am most proud of the two established productive young men that I raised and mentored over the past 20 years. Having sons that are not in the civil or legal system is encouraging for me as well as society. The more quality citizens that are introduced in society the better all of our lives will be.

Man is made or unmade by himself; in the armory of thought he forges the weapons by which he destroys himself; he also fashions the tools with which he builds for himself heavenly mansions of joy and strength and peace.” James Allen.

Describe your favorite personal product?

I love to look and smell great. My favorite product is Creed Adventus cologne. It is a very high end fragrance that is not readily available at every mall or store. Understanding that humans react hormonally to what they see and smell, it is essential to appeal to the masses before I ever open my mouth. We determine if we generally like someone within 10 seconds of meeting them. Having a core advantage is very important.

Describe your favorite accessory and why?

Interestingly, what I cherish the most is a quartz crystal that I carry with me almost everyday. Everything is energy and the elements of the earth effect us and add or subtract from our energy levels. Quartz is well know to absorb negative energy leaving positive vibes recharging us as we move through society.