We’ve all heard of BOTOX of course, but have you heard of “BROTOX”? Yes, you read correctly! “BROTOX” is a term used to designate men who take advantage of BOTOX. Traditionally, in American culture, all of the focus on appearance and beauty has been placed on women, however, recently the tides have shifted and more and more men are growing concerned about their body image, attractiveness, and youthful appearance.

In 2013, 400,000 men received botox injections, which was a 337% increase compared to a decade ago according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. BOTOX is a very low risk yet high reward treatment that can relax away deep frown lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet. A common misconception about BOTOX is that it freezes your face in place, however, it actually paralyzes the muscles, which causes them to become thinner. Men have stronger facial muscles than women, so they may require higher doses of BOTOX, however, most men are looking to only relax their deep lines, and not erase them completely. Oftentimes, the treatment only takes 15 minutes and there is no down time afterwards.

Several studies indicate that employees respond more favorably and view attractive bosses as more competent as opposed to unattractive bosses according to Psychology Today. In addition to attractiveness, taller, fit, more youthful CEOs were rated more favorably than others who did not fit this description. You have to admit, it may be difficult to talk to someone who always appears to be scowling or you may hold back with someone who appears old and fragile. These factors may be contributing to the influx of men running to their dermatologists to get their ‘BROTOX’.

All in all, whether you are male or female, we encourage you to look into the benefits of BOTOX and see what it can do for you. We suspect that you will be pleasantly surprised. Please call us for your consultation today!