New year, back to school, same acne, right? School will be back in session in a couple of months and now is the best time to work on putting your best face forward. Don’t let acne keep you from being the best version of yourself!

Schedule an appointment for an acne consultation now with board certified dermatologist, Dr. Mitchell. This appointment is covered by most insurance plans. Dr. Mitchell and her medical staff will work together to pinpoint the source of your acne and they will develop a skin care regimen and treatment plan that is best for you. Customized facials and chemical peels may also be recommended to enhance your treatment outcome. Usually when you first start a new regimen, you will see slight improvements in your skin’s condition immediately. However, you will experience the best results with regular usage after about four to six weeks, so let’s start your treatment plan now!

Causes of Acne

There are several factors that can cause acne, however, the most common type develops around puberty due to rising hormone levels. Because of the extra surge of hormones, your oil glands are overstimulated and clog your pores with dirt and dead skin cells, causing pimples. If you are a student athlete, it could be even worse due to the increased amount of sweat and dirt.  For this reason, we recommend that you start a gentle, yet effective, skincare regimen beginning around 11 years of age, regardless of if you are showing signs of acne. Using a good skincare regimen from the beginning can help you develop good hygiene habits and also possibly help you to avoid acne altogether.   

Take Action

Keeping your face clean and moisturized with the proper pH balance is key to controlling acne. Always wash your hands before cleaning your face. Preferably use your hands or a clarisonic device to clean your face. If using a washcloth, make sure it’s clean each time you wash your face so that germs and bacteria don’t settle in the cloth and spread across your face, which can worsen your acne. Make sure to use clean pillow cases and sheets, bacteria, sweat, and dirt can settle into these surfaces that we use every day and get into our skin and worsen your condition. Make sure your shampoo and hair styling products are not getting on your face, which could possibly cause irritation, added oils, and possibly even dry your skin out. At Mitchell Dermatology, we offer several medical grade cleansers, acne lotions, moisturizers and sunscreens, and if prescription grade solutions are needed, Dr. Mitchell and her well trained licensed medical staff can assess and prescribe necessary treatments. The most effective skin care products will contain one or more of these ingredients:

  • Tea tree oil-kills bacteria.
  • Salicylic acid- dries up excess oil.
  • Alpha hydroxy acid- dries up blemishes.
  • Benzoyl peroxide- unclogs pores.
  • Retinoids- exfoliate dead skin cells.

Many of these ingredients cause a sensitivity to the sun, although they help your acne. Be sure to use wide brimmed hats, long flowy clothing, and/or sunscreen to protect your skin while using products with these ingredients.

Here’s a quick summer checklist to get your skin in order before school is back in session.

  • Make an appointment for a consultation at Mitchell Dermatology
  • Find a skin care routine that works for your specific condition. Fill prescriptions if needed
  • Stick to the routine diligently as recommended and/or prescribed.
  • Indulge in a customized facial administered by one of our professional aestheticians
  • Schedule a follow up appointment, if needed, to make sure the treatment plan is working

Heading back to school should be exciting and can be acne free.

New year, back to school, bye acne!