As children, we loved to jump in puddles and get drenched up to our knees. We didn’t scramble for umbrellas or rain jackets, that was mom and dad. We simply enjoyed the moment.

As we mature, however, we get skeptical. “This is flu weather!” we might say. “Rain water is full of toxins. Where’s my umbrella!?” asks others. But is there a need to be skeptical about rain water hitting your skin?

When it first begins to rain, pollutants are cleared from the atmosphere. So if it’s been raining for a while, Dr. Hope Mitchell says don’t let a few dark clouds keep you inside! “Rain water is the purest form of water for your skin, plants, and the environment. No need to be afraid of it.”

So while you may not want to get drenched up to your knees like a 5 year old, it’s ok to have a little fun in the rain!