At Mitchell Dermatology your board-certified dermatologist or physician assistant will ask you about your family history and conduct a full body exam, from your head down to your toes, to look for any unusual lesions, such as skin cancer or atypical moles. If a suspicious lesion is detected upon examination, a biopsy (skin sample) may be taken for microscopic evaluation.  If it is determined that something needs to be removed, that may happen at a later appointment.

Regardless of how often you see your board-certified dermatologist, you should monitor your own skin by conducting a self-screening at home. ⁣

Here’s how:⁣

Grab a mirror and look 🔎 for moles or spots on your body that:⁣

Have changed in size, shape or color over time⁣

Bleed or do not heal after several weeks⁣

Are asymmetrical or have irregular borders⁣

Are larger than ¼ inch in size⁣

If something looks out of the ordinary, arrange a visit at your earliest convenience with us here @mitchelldermatology for an examination.⁣

Practicing safe sun ☀️ habits is the #1 best way to prevent skin cancer from developing; so protect yourself (and your family) by avoiding prolonged sun exposure and by wearing SPF and protective clothing. ⁣

To be seen as a patient in our office please text us at: 419-548-5395 to request an appointment.

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