Warts are non-cancerous skin growths caused by a virus and they are extremely common, occurring in people of all ages. Fortunately, most warts are harmless.  However, since they are caused by a virus, they are highly contagious.  Transmission is usually by direct contact.

Warts typically are a flesh-colored, raised, calloused growth seen on the hands and feet; however, they can occur anywhere on the body. There are 6 clinically different types of warts: Common, Flat or Plane, Plantar, Filiform, Periungual, and Genital.

It’s important to note that some warts can become cancerous, and some skin cancers can look like warts. With warts, time is of the essence! The sooner a wart is treated, the easier it will be to destroy.

At Mitchell Dermatology we routinely diagnosie warts during annual skin exams and treatt hem with salicylic acid preparations, prescription creams, in-office topical solutions and cryotherapy or laser surgery.

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